Focused Track 3

Focused Track 3
Focused Track 3: Automotive Control

This is one of the three Focused Tracks of ICCAS 2020, and covers the following topics:

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles
    • AI/ML Applications for ADAS
    • Security and safety for ADAS/AV
    • Mapping/Localization
    • Navigation and Motion Planning
    • Perception for ADAS/AV
    • Driver-Vehicle Interaction
    • Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Automation
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • Fault tolerant control design for AV
  • Powertrain, Electrification, and Vehicle Dynamic Controls
    • Engine/Powertrain/Aftertreatment Systems
    • Alternative Fuels/Advanced Combustion Technologies
    • Energy Conversion, Waste Heat Recovery
    • Drivetrain/Driveline Systems, Vehicle Dynamics
    • Steering and Suspensions Systems
    • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
    • Battery and Energy Storage Systems
    • Vehicle Active and Passive Safety Systems

Dongsuk Kum, KAIST, Korea

Plenary Speaker:

Anna Stefanopoulou, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Keynote Speakers:
  1. Shengbo Li, Tsinghua University, China
  2. Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan


This track is open to the contributed papers. In order to join the track,
choose Track 3 when the submission is made.