Guidelines for Poster Session (including Late-breaking Results)

Guidelines for Poster Session
(including Late-breaking Results)

Introduction to the platform

We will use the platform for the poster session. This is an online communication tool based on an avatar. When the audience enter the room, the background of the room is filled with up to six poster images. And the audience can control the location of their avatar by moving it using the mouse. By scrolling the button of the mouse, background image is zoomed in and out. The presenter’s avatar should be located within the area of his/her poster image. Note that this platform provides communication through camera and microphone, but the communication is enabled only when the participants get close to each other (that is, it is a distance-based chatting system as the name suggests).

To be included in the platform, your poster file should be uploaded before Oct. 6 (Tuesday).

How to prepare your poster?

You need to upload a pdf file that contains only one page of your poster. Its format should be landscape (not portrait), A0 size with at least 45 font size. If it is not easy to estimate the paper size with the font size, your poster file should look like this, and a sample PowerPoint file can be downloaded. While provides zooming in, its ratio is limited, and so, it is important that your font size is not too small.

How to prepare your short introductory video file?

Since is relatively new technology, it may be better to think about a contingency plan. For this, we recommend you to prepare a short (2~3 min) video file that briefly introduce your contribution. You may use your own poster or make a few pages of slides for the video. The detailed format of the video can be found in혻Guidelines for Lecture Session. If you upload the video file (as well as the mandatory poster file), then we will post your video on the Online Program Book so that people can access your video any time during the conference.

Where to upload your poster?

The link for the submission system is

Since the submission system has been built rapidly (due to the late decision of the change of conference format), it is not very user-friendly and we apologize for it. Please carefully read the following instruction.

Step 1: Log-in the submission system using your ID/PW that was used for your registration of ICCAS 2020.

Step 2: Find “VOD Submission” and click the blue button “Submission”:

Step 3: Then, you will see the following screen.

Step 4: Now, you need to connect your file to be uploaded with your Paper No. Since it is not easy to remember your Paper No., the system enforces you to search your Paper No. by typing-in a part of the title of your paper. To make a long story short, simply click “Find”. Then, type-in a part of your title; for example, the figure below shows someone typed “control” and the system shows a list of papers that contain “control” in their titles:

Step 5: Click on your paper. (Warning: Please be careful. If you make a mistake to choose your paper, then the true owner of the paper cannot upload because the paper slot is already taken by you.)

Step 6: Now, you’re on the page for upload. Poster presenter must upload their poster in a pdf format, but can optionally upload the short VOD file (video up to 3 min).

Step 7: If the submission is successful, then the system shows:

Step 8: If you have more than one paper, then click “Additional Submission”, and repeat the procedure. If you want to replace files that you already uploaded, then click “Edit” and repeat the procedure.


If you need assistance, then please e-mail to