Submission of OS Proposal

Submission of OS Proposal

If you are interested in organizing a session, you are asked to submit a session proposal through an email to the Program Chair; Hyungbo Shim ( or Hyo-Sung Ahn ( including the following.

  • Proposed title of the organized session
  • Name, affiliation, contact information of organizer(s)
  • Summary statement: Describe the motivation and relevance of the proposed session.
  • List of participating authors and paper titles: Each session typically consists of six papers because a session is 90 minutes long and each presentation takes 15 min. This format may be altered by the proposer. For example, three presentations of 30 min long, or one 30-min presentation + four 15-min presentations are also acceptable. In the proposal, please describe the structure of the session, and list the participating authors and the tentative titles of their papers.

The session proposal will be briefly reviewed and a Session Code will be issued to the organizer. Then, the organizer should share the Session Code to all participating authors so that they use the code for the submission of their paper.

The session organizer can be multiple. In this case, please choose a corresponding organizer who communicates with the Program Chair of ICCAS.

To ensure the continuity of the program, please note that, at the discretion of the Program Committee, individual papers may be removed from a proposed session and replaced by appropriate contributed papers. The removed paper may be placed into the regular program.

The deadline for the Organized Session proposal is June 14, 2020