Welcome to the Online ICCAS 2020! The conference runs from Oct. 13 to Oct. 16 in KST (Korea Standard Time). P
lease follow the instruction below.

  • All the sessions and activities are online, and we use two platforms (Zoom and Spatial.Chat). While both platforms work in the browser, it is highly recommended to install Zoom client to your local computer. If you didn’t have it yet, please download and install it from Spatial.Chat doesn’t need local installation.
  • If you want to see technical programs, click Web-proceeding above. Browsing the program doesn’t need ID and Password. If you want to see the paper and the pre-recorded presentation (if available), you will be asked to enter your ID/PW that was used for your registration.
  • In order to participate in sessions and activities, there are two ways. The recommended one is to enter the Virtual Conference Center (VCC). You will be asked for your ID/PW. In the VCC, all the session links appear 10 min before the start time of the session. The second way is to go to Web-proceeding in which you can also find your session link.
  • Some urgent messages from the operating committee will appear in the Twitter box in VCC. You can also subscribe the twitter @2020Iccas by yourself.
  • If you need any help, visit Helpdesk in the VCC where you can meet a person to help you.
  • If you don’t have ID/PW for VCC and Web-proceedings, please register (by following the quick link at the bottom of this page). For Koreans, 젣뼱濡쒕큸떆뒪뀥븰援 벑濡앹옄뒗 룞씪 ID/PW濡 VCC 엯옣 諛 Web-proceeding 궗슜씠 媛뒫빀땲떎.
  • Virtual Conference Center is scheduled to open on Oct. 13, KST. For translating to your local time, it may be useful to use

Welcome and Congratulatory Messages

Welcome Messages from General Chair Duk Hyun Kang of ICCAS2020

Congratulatory Messages from President Yiguang Hong of TCCT, CAA, China

Congratulatory Messages from President Jia-Yush Yen of혻CACS, Taiwan

Congratulatory Messages from President Keum-Shik Hong of Asian Control Association

Congratulatory Messages from President Akira Ono of SICE, Japan

Congratulatory Messages from President Sinchai Kamolphiwong of ECTI, Thailand

Messages from Organizing Committee of ICCAS 2020

Control engineers love feedback, and we love your feedback. Please give your opinion on any items of ICCAS 2020 HERE. Thank you!

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Francesco Bullo
University of California

Dr. Shuuji Kajita

Prof.혻 Anna Stefanopoulou
University of Michigan

Announcement of next year's ICCAS 2021, Jeju, Korea

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