Award Winners

Award Winners

Outstanding Paper Award Winners

The winners are as follows.

  • WC6.1, 16:30~16:45
    Symmetric Plane Detection and Symmetry Analysis from A 3D Point Cloud Data of Face
    Daisuke Hosoki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)*, Tohru Kamiya (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Namiko Kimura-Nomoto (Kagoshima University), Takako Okawachi (Kagoshima University), Etsuro Nozoe (Kagoshima University), Norifumi Nakamura (Kagoshima University)
  • WC2.4, 17:15~17:30
    Supervised Control for Robot-Assisted Surgery Using Augmented Reality
    Tzu Hsuan Ho (NCTU); Kai-Tai Song (National Chiao Tung University)*
  • WC4.5, 17:30~17:45
    Improved Solutions to a Time-Delayed Control Scheme for Robot Manipulators : Experimental Studies
    Sang Lee (Chungnam National University); Seul Jung (Chungnam National University)*
  • TB3.2, 13:35~13:50
    Provably Safe Real-Time Receding Horizon Trajectory Planning for Linear Time-Invariant Systems
    Inkyu Jang (Seoul National University)*; Dongjae Lee (Seoul National University); Hyoun Jin Kim (Seoul National University)

Student Best Paper Award Finalists & Winners

Twelve candidates have been nominated as follows. After evaluating their presentations, five winners are selected as follows. All five winners will also be given Springer book of their choice up to 200 Euro.

  1. WA3.5, 11:30~11:45 (Winner!)
    Semi-Proximal ADMM for Model Predictive Control Problem with Application to a UAV System
    Zilong Cheng (National University of Singapore)*; Jun Ma (University of California, Berkeley); Xiaoxue Zhang (National University of Singapore); Tong Heng Lee (National University of Singapore)
  2. WB1.4, 14:05~14:20
    Vision based Object Sorting using Deep Learning for Inventory Tracking in Automated Warehouse Environment
    Abhra Roy Chowdhury (Indian Institute of Science)*; Anubhav Patel (Indian Institute of Information Technology )
  3. WB1.6, 14:35~14:50
    Gaussian RAM: Lightweight Image Classification via Stochastic Retina-Inspired Glimpse and Reinforcement Learning
    Dongseok Shim (Seoul National University)*
  4. WC4.6, 17:45~18:00
    Application of Machine Learning Towards Design Optimisation of Bio-inspired Transfemoral Prosthetic Socket for Robotic Leg Test Rig
    Aghil Jafari (University of the West of England)*; Appolinaire Etoundi (University of the West of England); Jun Jie Chong (Newcastle University in Singapore); Chathura Simasinghe (University of the West of England); Subham Agrawal (University of the West of England)
  5. TA2.1, 10:30~10:45
    Robotic Stage for Human Balance Disorder Assessment
    Kangwagye Samuel (DGIST)*; Sehoon Oh (DGIST)
  6. TA2.5, 11:30~11:45 (Winner!)
    Vibration reduction effect of a counterbalance feed drive with right and left ball screws and its investigation in small-diameter drilling operations
    Atsushi Kobayashi (Doshisha University)*
  7. TB1.3, 13:50~14:05 (Winner!)
    Robust Extrinsic Calibration for Arbitrarily Configured Dual 3D Lidars using a Single Planar Board
    Junha Kim (Seoul National University)*; Changhyeon Kim (Seoul National University); Hyoun Jin Kim (Seoul National University)
  8. TB4.6, 14:35~14:50
    Online Motion-Artifact Removal in fNIRS Signals: Combined Square-Root Cubature Kalman Filter and Weighted Moving Average Model Approach
    Ruisen Huang (Pusan National University)*; Dalin Yang (Pusan national university); Qiang Kun Qing (Pusan National University); Keum-Shik Hong (Pusan National University)
  9. TC6.4, 17:15~17:30
    Model Predictive Path Planning Based on Artificial Potential Field and Its Application to Autonomous Lane Change
    Pengfei Lin (Hanyang University); Woo Young Choi (Hanyang University); Seung-Hi Lee (Hanyang University); Chung Choo Chung (Hanyang University)*
  10. FA2.5, 11:30~11:45
    Experimental Analyses of an Efficient Aggregated Robot Processing with Cache-Control for Multi-Robot System
    Abdul Jalil (Kyushu Institute of Technology)*; Jun Kobayashi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  11. FA4.5, 11:30~11:45 (Winner!)
    Normal Distributions Transform is Enough: Real-time 3D Scan Matching for Pose correction of Mobile Robot Under Large Odometry Uncertainties
    Hyungtae Lim (KAIST); Sungwon Hwang (KAIST)*; Sungjae Shin (KAIST); Hyun Myung (KAIST)
  12. FB5.2, 13:50~14:05 (Winner!)
    Mixed Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Policy Optimizationin Stochastic Environments
    Yao Mu (Tsinghua University); Baiyu Peng (Tsinghua University); Ziqing Gu (Tsinghua University); Shengbo Li (Tsinghua University)*; Chang Liu (Cornell University); Bingbing Nie (Tsinghua University); Jianfeng Zheng (Didi Chuxing); Bo Zhang (Didi Chuxing)

Best Presentation Video Prize

The prize of iPad is given to

A Novel End-effector for Tomato Harvesting Robot: Mechanism and Evaluation
Jongpyo Jun (Chonnam National University); Jaehwi Seol (Chonnam National University ); Hyoung Il Son (Chonnam National University)*