Focused Track 3: Automotive Control

This is one of the three Focused Track of ICCAS 2020, and covers the following topics:

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles
    • AI/ML Applications for ADAS
    • Security and safety for ADAS/AV
    • Mapping/Localization
    • Navigation and Motion Planning
    • Perception for ADAS/AV
    • Driver-Vehicle Interaction
    • Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Automation
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • Fault tolerant control design for AV
  • Powertrain, Electrification, and Vehicle Dynamic Controls
    • Engine/Powertrain/Aftertreatment Systems
    • Alternative Fuels/Advanced Combustion Technologies
    • Energy Conversion, Waste Heat Recovery
    • Drivetrain/Driveline Systems, Vehicle Dynamics
    • Steering and Suspensions Systems
    • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
    • Battery and Energy Storage Systems
    • Vehicle Active and Passive Safety Systems


Dongsuk Kum, KAIST, Korea

Speakers (Tentative):

  1. Shengbo Li, Tsinghua University, China


This track is open to the contributed papers. In order to join the track,
choose Track 3 when the submission is made.