Focused Track 1: Network and Multi-agent System

This is one of the three Focused Track of ICCAS 2020, and plays the role of the 1st International Joint Symposium on Network and Multi-agent Systems, and Control. This track covers the following topics:

  • Network systems and analysis
  • Multi-agent systems and analysis
  • Network control
  • Multi-agent control
  • Applications in smart power network, water irrigation network, traffic network, data and information processing, and social network
  • Applications in multiple unmanned vehicles


Hyo-Sung Ahn, GIST, Korea

Invited Speakers:

  1. Zhiyun Lin, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China
  2. Zhongkui Li, Peking University, China
  3. Shiyu Zhao, Westlake University, China
  4. Ronghao Zheng, Zhejiang University, China
  5. Fei Chen, Northeast University, China
  6. Kazunori Sakurama, Kyoto University, Japan
  7. Takeshi Hatanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  8. Hideaki Ishii, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  9. Toru Namerikawa, Keio University, Japan
  10. Masaaki Nagahara, University of Kitakyushu, Japan
  11. Shun-ichi Azuma, Nagoya University, Japan
  12. Hyungbo Shim, Seoul National University, Korea
  13. Hyo-Sung Ahn, GIST, Korea
  14. Dongjun Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
  15. Hyoun Jin Kim, Seoul National University, Korea
  16. Han-Lim Choi, KAIST, Korea
  17. Guoqiang Hu, NTU, Singapore
  18. Lu Liu, City University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Call for papers and Call for presentations

This track attempts to share and discuss the cutting-edge trend in the field of network and multi-agent systems, and control. The number of researchers in this research field has dramatically increased recently in Asian countries (including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong). We believe that it is essential to interact each other to define new and non-trivial problems, which motivates making this focused track as the 1st International Joint Symposium on Network and Multi-agent Systems, and Control. It is timely one to seek a chance of collaborations among researchers in Asian countries. Basically, the symposium will be organized on the basis of invitations; however, anyone who wants to attend this symposium or anyone who wants to speak at this symposium will be more than welcome.

If you want to join the symposium as an invited speaker, you could contact the Chair.  If you want to join the symposium with your regular paper, just follow the instruction of paper submission with the option of Track 1.