Author’s Guide for Final Submission

Author’s Guide for Final Submission

In order to publish the accepted paper in the Conference Proceedings of the ICCAS 2020 and to upload it to the IEEE Xplore, the authors should transfer their copyrights to the Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) of Korea.

Returned Rights: In return for these rights, the ICROS grant to the all authors, and the employers for whom the work was performed, royalty-free permission to:

  • Retain all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.
  • Refuse all or portions of the above paper in other works.
  • Reproduce, or have reproduced, the above paper for the author’s personal use or for company use provided that (a) the source and ICROS copyright are indicated, (b) the copies are not used in a way that implies ICROS endorsement of a product or service of an employer, and (c) the copies are not offered for sale.
  • Make limited distribution of all or portions of the above paper prior to publication.

ICROS Obligations: In exercising its rights under copyright, the ICROS will make all reasonable efforts to act in the interests of the authors and employers as well as in their own interest. In particular, the ICROS require that:

  • The consent of the first-named author be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others.
  • The consent of the undersigned employer be obtained as a condition in granting permission to others to reuse all or portions of the paper for promotion or marketing purposes.

In the event the above paper is not accepted and published by the ICROS or is withdrawn by the author(s) before acceptance by the ICROS, this agreement becomes null and void.